Who We are What we Do:

FUTURE LIFE CARE is a bussiness for any individual provide an opportunity which can lead them to success. Future life care is best platform for employed, unemployed, housewifes, Students, retired employees and any one over 18 years with out getting disturbed to their works. Hera at in our Company without No Investment, No Qualification, No Targets, No products, No Marketing and sales, No Binary System, No Schemes ,No Boss, No Timings, No Risk, No Tension. Students Retired Employees, Teachers, Housewife's and who is Not Satisfied there Income they can do this Business You can do Part-time, Full Time and Any Time. Earn Income up to Rs/-30 to 50Lakhs in 24 Months.

Requirements to be a part of FUTURE LIFE CARE

For Registration: Benifits:
  1. Adhar Card
  2. Pan Card
  3. Bank Pass Book
  4. Cancelled Cheque
  5. 2 Passport Size Photos
  6. Registration Fee Rs.1000/-
  1. Free Insurance Policy worth 10,00,000/-
  2. Best Income
  3. 2 & 4 Wheeler Gifts
  4. Tours (National & international)
  5. Other Bonuses
  6. Celebrations
FUTURE LIFE CARE we have total 8 quarters these quarters are divided based on english calender for ex: if a person joined at future life care on feb 16th he belongs to Q1. Basically Q1 - is calculated from 1st Jan to 31st Mar.

Stage 1 (Sales Officer):

In stage 1 interested candidates should make a policy of their choice from Life Insurance Corporation of India or Reliance Securities in the span of 3 months, how ever policy mabe from his own family it self or he can make his own policy also. That policy will comes under company it self. Then he will be appointed as a S.O. After he promoted as a S.O he will get 10% of commission on policy amount when he brings a policy. S.O will get additional 10% commission on each extra person he referred.

Stage 2 (Field Officer):

In stage 2 Sales Officer(S.O.) will be get promoted as Field Officer(F.O.) based on eligibility and respective to the quarter. This stage will be remain till 3 months, in this span of three months An F.O. can appoint Sales Offices as many he can. For each Sales officer will get the 6% of commision from the policy amount. For example if A Field Officer appointed 9 Sales Officers with the policy amount of Rs.10,000 he will get (9x10,000 = 90,000 from the total amount of 90,000 he will get 6% which means 90,000x6% = 5,400).

Stage 3 (Deputy Marketing Officer):

In stage 3 Field Officer(F.O.) will be get promoted as Deputy Marketing Officer(D.M.O.) after 3 months as Field Officer. In these 3 months you should help your F.O.'s and S.O.'s to promote the offers that Future Life Care provide and make them get insured. In these quarter you will get additional 5% on each policy that comes under you. For example if 9 F.O.'s appointed 9 S.O's the total of S.O's will be 81 from that number if only get appointed you will get 50S.O.'s x10,000 = 5,00,00. The commission in is 5% so the amount you will get from the example is (5,00,000x5% = 25,000.

like above mentioned there are other 5 stages exist. In these stages you can do nothing but just motivate your Field Officers and Sales Officers. By doing that you can earn upto 10% more additional commission than you already earned.The remaining stages are:

    Stage 4: Marketing Officer Commission Rate: 4%
    Stage 5: Senior Marketing Officer Commission Rate: 3% + Rs.50,000 on 1Cr business
    Stage 6: Marketing Manager Commission Rate: 2%
    Stage 7: Senior Marketing Manager Commission Rate: 1.5%
    Stage 8: Develop Marketing Manager Commission Rate: 0.5% + Rs.10,00,000 4 wheeler insentive on 50Cr Business.
To make payment of Rs.1000 which is for S.O. Registration and 10,00,000/- personal accidental policy:
A/C N0. 092205500517
IFSC - ICIC0000922.

For any further queries or doubts please visit our office at:
H.O : #11-26-195, Gandrathi Complex,
near vaartha office, M.G.Road,
Warangal - 506002.

To make payments through PAYTM

Founder Message:

Dear Friends, Congratulations on your Decision! The aspiration to dream and the Conviction to follow their dreams is What Sets a part Extraordinary from the Ordinary. You have Chosen the Right place and the right Business. The awesome revolutionary Business Plan is a Definite for Success .We are with you at every step to help you for fulfill your dreams and reach greater heights. Once again welcome you. Think Big and Achieve it.

— Manikanta Gadadasu C.E.O.